Beyond This Moment, Nothing Exists


My concern is the immediate, this moment. Beyond this moment nothing exists. The only time that is existential is now and the only space that matters is here. So I don’t care what happens in the future. Neither the past nor the future have any validity. But that is the way of the mind. The […]

My New Website


My website is going up today. My reason for having it created is to connect with the people who have expressed interest since the WWC series came out. While finishing the book remains my number one priority, I am also continuing to do life coaching sessions, public speaking programs, and sharing about Osho. If you […]

Niren’s Book Status

Numerous friends have been offering encouragement about my book, and asking when it is going to be available. So here’s the story. When the Netflix series came out, I was 90% complete with a first draft of a discussion and analysis of the major legal cases and events involving Osho and the community during the […]

The Truth Exists in Aloneness

The way to understand me is to always remember that I am insisting — from every corner, in every possible way — only on a single target, and that is your innermost being. Whatever I may have said… never be too much concerned with what is said. Be concerned about what it indicates. I want […]

The Power of Love

Sitting alone in your room, be loving. Radiate love. Fill the whole room with your love energy, as if you are in an ocean of love. Create vibrations of love energy around you. And you will start feeling immediately that something is happening, something in your aura is changing, something around your body is changing. […]